Agent Resources

We Get to Know Our Agents

Through our comprehensive agent profile report and one-on-one interview, we help you develop a personalized business and marketing plan.  This could include social media, website development, graphics, seminar planning, and much more. 

Carrier Contracting & Support

We find you the best carriers, with the most competitive products and contracts, and work with you to quickly become appointed and certified. We also train you on how to become familiar and efficient with each carrier’s website and support contacts.


We give you extensive product and sales training. We work with you on presentations, letter writing, appointment setting, seminar planning, and will even assist on initial client visits.


The team at Lourie Life & Health has vast experience in electronic, social, and print media.  From developing websites and blogs, to brochures and business cards, we help you raise the bar in how you are perceived by your clients and peers.


We have negotiated great rates for direct mail leads, pre-set appointments, internet contacts, and more.  Lourie Life & Health is always on the cutting edge of developing new and innovative ways to get you in front of more qualified prospects.

Business Management

We want to make sure our agents are good at selling insurance and client service.  However, we also want them to be good businesspeople, and that is why we assist in business strategy development and implementing best practices for financial management and operations.

Lourie Life & Health: Your Complete Partner in the Senior Market